Host a Jewelry Party

A coffee break for your colleagues and clients, a non-profit fundraiser, or an open house after work... whatever the format, it's easy and fun to host your own jewelry party.

Hosting a jewelry party is a wonderful way to entertain and offer a service to your friends without the stresses of planning a meal or decorating the house. Jewelry parties also provide a creative way to raise funds for your favorite non-profit organization or to network among other professional women. Consider hosting one at your home, office, or club and encourage your guests to bring their friends.

You are responsible for providing the guest list, food and drinks, and a well-lit space. I will design digital and paper invitations, handle all aspects of showcasing and selling the jewelry, and share my earnings with you or your non-profit afterward.



10% of gross sales or
20% of gross sales in jewelry credit

Non-Profit Fund Raisers
20% of gross sales in a check payable to the organization of your choice.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas and preferred dates for a party.