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Fit for a Queen

Photo credit: Australian Outback Mining Pty. Ltd.

Photo credit: Australian Outback Mining Pty. Ltd.

Greetings! There are quite a few new jewels up on the website, and it’s been awhile since we’ve had a mineralogy lesson, so let’s get to it! Our delicious Foxtail necklace features a stone from Australia aptly named Outback Jasper that is irregularly patterned with rich shades of brown, ochre, cream, gray, and pale pink. The word Jasper is derived from 'jaspre' (Old French) meaning 'spotted or speckled stone'. 

It is a powerful protective stone that was used by all ancient civilizations who often carved it into a talisman. Colored by an abundance of impurities in all hues, jasper is an opaque aggregate of microcrystalline quartz that forms in masses, like stalactites and nodules, rather than crystals. It forms most often in the veins and cracks of volcanic rocks percolated by aqueous solutions and is common around the globe.

Outback Jasper occurs as a narrow seam within an outcrop of banded chert in Western Australia about an hour drive from Perth. It was discovered many years ago by fossickers but has only recently been mined for commercial purposes. Foxtail harmoniously combines Outback Jasper with golden freshwater pearls and natural quartz points that have been plated with a metal oxide that shimmers purple and gold. She’s a very regal necklace.