A Relief from March Madness


Sweet Pea is soft and feminine featuring an off-centered carved agate in a delicate peachy hue that reminds us of a Creamsicle.  It’s a bit longer, 21" in fact, so it will work well with just about any neckline, including the décolletage of spring and summer styles.


Thyme has sold

Thyme has sold

This month's birthstone is the ever-appealing aquamarine.  We love aquamarine even more than college hoops and the vernal equinox, two other sweet delights of March.  Aquamarine is one of many shades of beryl, a colorless mineral that forms hexagonal crystals.  Traces of iron in the stone provide aquamarine’s recognizable greenish-blue tint (whereas traces of chromium yield the green beryl we know as emerald, for example).  The name aquamarine comes from the latin Aqua Marina, meaning 'water of the sea', and just as we can find comfort in the tranquil vastness of the sea, aquamarine is said to bestow a calm mind and a relaxed disposition, even light-heartedness.
 We have two necklaces available this month that feature the gentle colors of natural aquamarine:

Sweet Pea has sold


We call Thyme “Mrs. Havisham’s Necklace” after the wealthy, jilted spinster in Charles Dicken's Great Expectations who lives out her days in her yellowing wedding dress surrounded by decaying fineries in a mansion ravaged by time.  Thyme has this quality of aged grandeur but without the moths!  Its graduated aquamarine rondelles are supremely imperfect with pits and streaks; they feel like they’ve been pulled out of the cobwebs, brushed off, and sentimentally arranged to adorn the most delicate of necklines.  The sparkly spacers are rhodium-plated copper and add just the right touch of new to this timeless beauty.