A Slice of Prehistory for the Holidays

In case you didn’t realize how unique and exquisite our Hosta necklace is, we wanted to fill you in on those delicious brown stones…

The large ovals that vary in shade from a pale taupe to a rich mocha are made of petrified palmwood, or palmoxylon, a genus of extinct palms.The fossilized wood has a clearly-defined rod-like structure within the grain, and depending on the angle at which the material is cut, these rods appear as spots, continuous lines, or stretched ellipses.

The spots that result from cutting perpendicular to the grain are easily discernible in Hosta. Complemented with lavender Bolivian amethyst and an asymmetric slab of blue-green chalcedony, the natural beauty of petrified palmwood is artfully presented in Hosta for frequent wear.

…and not for nothing, but petrified palmwood is the state stone of Texas, so come an git er, y’all!