I'm Seeing Stripes

We have spoken before about how chalcedony is the microcrystalline form of quartz. Agates and jaspers, two varieties of stone you have undoubtedly heard of, are both types of chalcedony. What is the difference between the two you ask? The answer is their diaphaneity, or how easily light passes through them. Jaspers are opaque, meaning no light passes through them, and agates are everything else in the chalcedony family. Agates diaphaneity ranges from transparent (both images and light pass through) to translucent (only light passes through) to semi-transparent (some light passes through). They are most often banded, or variegated, but sometimes have a plume or mossy inclusions. So if you find a striped rock that some light passes through, chances are you are holding an agate. Many of our newest pieces feature beautifully banded agates and even some plume agate. Their classic black and white palette is designed to carry you through the holiday event season while adding a touch of flair to your everyday wardrobe.

175.00 230.00


Stones: druzy agate, spinel and clear quartz

Length: 19.5"

Clasp: sterling silver hook and eye

225.00 290.00


Stones: black agate, larvakite, labradorite, cat's eye, Botswana agate, milky quartz, rainbow moonstone, freshwater pearl, clear quartz, shell, crazy lace agate, gray onyx, sardonyx, jet, onyx, plume agate, fluorite, black tourmaline, horn, snowflake obsidian, and tourmalinated quartz

Length: 33"

No clasp