Custom Orders

Wearable Memories

Welcome to 2014!!  Make this the year you finally transform your grandmother’s strand of stretched out pearls into something you want to wear every day.  Or update that hip necklace you sprung for while traveling across Europe in your early 20’s that’s been sitting in your jewelry box, broken, for the past decade.  Maybe you’ve been pondering an heirloom piece of jewelry incorporating the birthstones of each family member and want something designed just for you with genuine stones. 

Here is the story of a custom order that I created for the holidays to inspire you…

A loving and joyous couple had been working towards adopting a baby for many years, and their patience and efforts were finally rewarded this fall when they became the blessed parents of a heavenly baby girl.  Unbeknownst to the new mother, her husband contacted me about making a necklace featuring the baby’s September birthstone – sapphire.  He wanted a dainty necklace that she could wear everyday and thought that a pendant might be a good way to start.  He also measured one of her favorite necklaces so we knew exactly how long to make it, and he knew that she preferred yellow gold over silver.

Several days later I emailed him some photos of stones and provided him with a number of options.  When my phone rang the next morning he mentioned that he had a preference but wanted to know mine first.  I offered my opinion, and it turned out that we shared the same vision for how the necklace should be designed and crafted!  So the stones were ordered and I quickly set about creating the final design once they arrived.  As I was finishing, I had a strong sense that a symbol of the new parents needed to be incorporated into the piece. Two quick texts later, I knew that the parents' birthdays were in October and April and that opal and diamond or clear quartz would finish off the design near the clasp.

I carefully gift boxed the necklace, delivered it to UPS, and texted a photo to my customer.  I was overjoyed by his response:

I am so excited!! It’s beautiful and everything I wanted for her!!  What gave you the inspiration to add the stones noting my and her plus the dog’s (bonus) birthday months?  I ask because it was my original plan, but I decided to just focus on our daughter.  Because of your creativity and thinking the piece is what I originally wanted/thought of!  Thank you so much!!!

Yellow, pink, and blue sapphires with sapphire pendant.  Necklace also includes small gold-filled balls, two Australian opals from the Lambina mine, as well as two quartz crystals in the back next to the heavy gold plate over sterling silver clasp.