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Lovely in Lavender


One of our newest necklaces Lavender is made with a unique stone called amethyst sage.  It is a translucent to opaque chalcedony that is lavender in color with earthtones and black manganese dendrites (multi-branching tree-like forms).  It is not an amethyst at all but rather uses the name to refer to the deep lavender color of the chalcedony, which is most valuable when isolated from the browns and black.  

A chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz, which means that its crystals are too small to detect.  Amethyst sage is often miscategorized as an agate, which is a chalcedony with bands of colors, or stripes, which amethyst sage does not have. Originally from the Bilk Mountain Range in northern Navada, amethyst sage it is now being mined in Oregon as well.  

In Lavender, we have chosen to complement the varied colors of the amethyst sage with a burnt orange carnelian, purpley lepidolite, and a pinkish lavender agate.  This piece is significantly longer than many of our other chunky necklaces, so if you have been waiting for something that will hang over almost any neckline, then Lavender might be for you.  Its earthy colors are perfect for the transition into fall. 

This necklace has sold

This necklace has sold