Custom Orders

From Special to Spectacular

I really enjoy designing custom pieces that incorporate my customers’ treasured objects and jewelry components.  I recently completed a necklace featuring a gau, a Tibetan prayer box often worn as a pendant that is filled with precious items.  The pendant was sterling silver polished with a rouge that made it appear almost gilded, and because my customer preferred gold to silver, I treated the pendant as if it was gold-colored, not silver. The resulting necklace features large faceted balls of rutilated quartz spaced apart by freshwater pearls, amazonite, and corrugated gold-filled saucers.  Its colors are feminine and subtle while its weight is substantial enough to balance the ornamentation and scale of the gau.  Originally strung on a simple red cord, the gau is now an integral part of a classic, eye-catching necklace that suits its luster.

Do you have a special pendant that deserves a new presentation?  I would love to work with you on turning it into something spectacular.