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Color from the Sky


Fresh from my studio is Amaryllis, an elegant three-stranded necklace featuring blue riolita.  Blue riolita is a conglomerate of greenish-black, brown, and pink igneous rocks (rocks formed when lava or magma cools) with ethereal bursts of blue quartz.  Often mined in Brazil, riolita is Spanish for rhyolite*, an igneous rock similar to granite that has cooled from its molten state too quickly to form crystals.  The blue quartz is what initially caught my eye when I was first introduced to this stone.  Surrounded by the darker rock, it appears to glow from within.  Wanting to accentuate the brilliance of the blue color, I paired the blue riolita with blue chalcedony because of its transparent nature and similar coloring.  I also matched the dusty pink color in the igneous stone with freshwater pearls that are full of luster and matched the greenish-black with labradorite that adds dramatic flashes of iridescent color when the light hits it just right.

*In the industry, rhyolite is most often used to refer to the green, brown, and burnt orange-colored stones that are the principle stones in Bellflower.

This necklace has sold

This necklace has sold