Glories from the Sea


You may have noticed that some of my pieces use keshi pearls and wondered, “What in the world is a keshi pearl?”  A keshi (Japanese for poppy) pearl is a non-nucleated pearl created either accidentally during cultivation when a bead nucleus is rejected by a pearl-producing mollusk, or naturally as a second harvest after a first harvest of nucleated pearls.  Because they have no seed inside, keshi pearls are made entirely of nacre, also known as mother of pearl, so they are especially iridescent.  I love the way they look like ruffles and add depth to a necklace, and their iridescence allows them to complement a wide variety of other colors.

They are dainty, feminine, and lightweight, which makes them perfect for bridal jewelry.  They have been selling fast, but here is one necklace just added a few days ago that incorporates peach-colored keshis with sardonyx and bronzite.  The gorgeous pendant is made from a cowrie shell.

This necklace has sold

This necklace has sold