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A River of Verdigris

I’ve made several statement necklaces this past month using a glorious bluish-green feldspar commonly named Amazonite or Amazon stone.  It ranges in color from bright verdigris green to paler shades of turquoise and often has white and gray streaks.  Because its color is so similar to that of oxidized copper, it was commonly assumed that Amazonite must include copper compounds, but rather it is trace quantities of lead and water that provide its distinct hue.  Amazonite has been used as a talisman of prosperity and healing since early Mesopotamian times.  Some examples are an Amazonite scarab that was found among King Tutankhamen’s treasures and locally-carved cult objects prized by the conquistadors.  One might assume Amazonite’s name indicates its location of origin, but no deposits exist in the Amazon region today, and it is doubted whether or not it is the same green stone that was thought to adorn the shields of the semi-mythical tribe of women warriors in the 10th century BC.*  Nowadays some say that Amazonite acts as a powerful energetic and mental filter and can absorb microwaves and cell phone radiation, thereby protecting the wearer from these potentially harmful pollutants.